| 13. Motivation Theories
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13. Motivation Theories

Seminars for Innovation Excellence.

Motivational Excellence!

•Motivation theories – forms of motivation – Motivation possibilities

•Self-motivation and external motivation

•Values-based Motivation Management

•Motivation to master difficult challenges

Initiative and motivated employees are the essence for a company. It depends on you whether your products and services can only be measured by the price or go with a sympathy bonus into the race. As a manager, it is your job to strengthen the sense of responsibility and initiative of your employees , and to use the resources of the individual employees more intensively. In this one day seminar, you will learn to optimize your personal motivation behavior and the motivation behaviors of your employees, to decipher the real needs and values of employees, and to align these with corporate goals. Practical solutions to motivation problems in your daily work make this one day seminar perfect.

Target Audience Audience size Delivery Fee per Day and Person Number of Days Number per year Pre-Requisite
Executives, Managers, and Entrepreneurs 15<=20 700 € 4 8
We work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements to create a tailored offering for you.