| 11. How to Lead Leaders
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11. How to Lead Leaders

Seminars for Innovation Excellence.

How to Lead Leaders

•Effective Leadership: Exemplify Authenticity and  Natural Authority
•Value Driven Leadership: establish Rapport and Passion
•Motives and Goals: How to build Commitment and Generate Performance
•How to Lead High-Performance Leaders: Outstanding Leadership
Coaching and leadership of leaders has become more demanding: strong personalities demand autonomy, self-responsibility, and self-actualization for creating and putting Innovation into action. Active, motivational, and professional leadership is needed. Only these who are able to convey their own goals – so that they are passed on by executives – achieve engagement and commitment in all levels of the company, which ensures lasting innovation and success.
Target Audience Audience size Delivery Fee per Day and Person Number of Days Number per year Pre-Requisite
Executives, Managers, and Entrepreneurs 15<=20 700 € 4 8
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