| 9. Deep Dive
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9. Deep Dive

Dive deeply into one of the most intense and innovative places in the world.

Deep Dive is 2-week long hands-on educational program held in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of technology entrepreneurship. Deep Dive helps technology companies and investors extend their business operations overseas by establishing partnerships and connections, setting up a local presence and accelerating cross-border business development. Deep Dive program was shaped to facilitate your understanding of how Silicon Valley works for global companies.

Deep Dive program includes networking with Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investment communities, successful entrepreneur stories, case discussions, project pitches, company visits, after hours parties, Stanford/Berkeley campus visits, VC meetings, company exit examples and presentations from founders operating in both global regions and Silicon Valley. Deep Dive training sessions are delivered by investors, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs and expert guest speakers.

Moderated team discussions will be used to help participants assimilate the information-rich content. Deep Dive VIP status allows participants to use their own projects, situations, and problems as program case studies with the participation of Silicon Valley experts. VIP participants also receive an exclusive coaching session with venture capitalists and technology professionals. Project Pitch Session allows VIP participants to present projects in front of Silicon Valley investors to get feedback and attract investment interest.

Target Audience Audience size Delivery Fee per Day and Person Number of Days Number per year Pre-Requisite
Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Software startups and early stage companies 15<=20 700 €plus participent travel/accomodation to US 14 2 3
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