| 3rd European Innovation Summit in Warsaw
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3rd European Innovation Summit in Warsaw

3rd European Innovation Summit in Warsaw



Warsaw, October 11, 2011. Today, at the 3rd European Innovation Summit held in Warsaw, InnovaVentures (; email contact: and Solwit SA signed a Memorandum of Understanding, where the two companies agreed upon collaboration in the areas of innovation process management, entrepreneurship education, global technology transfer processes and programs, new venture creation and seed investment. Both companies have agreed upon cross-representation in each other’s advisory boards. With this collaboration model, the two companies now have representation in three EU countries (Germany, Poland and Bulgaria). For more details on each company’s offerings please refer to their respective websites. From left to right: Leszek Pankiewicz (President of the board of Solw’IT), Prof. Janusz Rachon (Senator of 7th term Polish Senate, former Rector of Technical University of Gdansk), Prof. Dr. Mark Harris (CEO and Owner of innoVaventures).

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