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Who are we?

Evolving from 35+ years of executive management experience in Hi-Tech we have become your strategic sparing partner to initiate and intensify innovation and change in your company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable companies to become more innovative, helping them to be/become scalable enterprises while returning value to their shareholders, owners, partners and investors.

Our Progress

initially focussed on fast scaling and highly innovative start-ups, has moved back into its roots and is supporting the “Mittelstand” and corporations in their efforts to become/remain innovative and stay ahead of their competition.

Products and Services at Innova.Ventures offers consultation, trainings and seminars on many aspects of innovation. The breadth spans from early consultation of start-ups to management seminars and on to design and consultation of innovation management systems within a company/corporation.

The Innovation Hexagon


Term conceived and coined by Prof. Dr. Mark Harris is in 2005 when creating the Intel Technology Entrepreneurship Program and enhanced over the
last 15 years building entrepreneurial eco-Systems, accelerators and incubators.

Off the Shelf Offering

Innovation Management



Start in Garage

Win the Market

Experimental Labs

Summer School



Get Traction

Innovation Excellence

Motivational Excellence

Entrepreneurship Education

Digital Transformation

Custom base Offering


Disruptive Design

Tech Landscape Review


Product Dev. Loans


Biz Plan Competitions

Establish Advisory board

Knowledge, Skills, Competencies


Internet Café

Management Training

Born Global

Innovation Strategy

Venture Design

Local,Regional,Global Cluster of Innovation

Seed funding

Speed-Dating Biz Angel

VC matchmaking

Power Advocacy

Digital Transformation

Power Marketing

Innovation Asset Packaging

IP Licensing

Of the Shelf Services


Start(up) is a service to give you first feedback on your start-up idea , whether it seems viable, has already been invented, possible market issues and food for thought before moving further down that path.

Custom base Services

Deep Dive

Deep Dive is 2-week long hands-on educational program held in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of technology entrepreneurship.


Team(up) is an assessment service (2-3 days) of the new venture’s skills for success. The analysis is on the people’s skills in multiple areas, but also on the team’s total skill level.

Get Traction

Get Traction is about getting out of your new venture to find new customers, tune your product and understand “your” market.


Start in Garage is dynamic educational program aimed at anyone who is interested in founding a technology company or working for a technology company.

Innovation Management consults you on best practices to (re-)organizie your company into being innovative (again) and being able to manage all the different innovation streams within.


Advanced software and internet business topics covered by Win the Market educational program.

How to Lead Leaders

Having forwards thinking leaders is sometimes like herding cats. This Seminar gives insights into how to focus these leaders without breaking their entrepreneurial spirit.

Experimental Labs organizes laboratory experiments where the function and performance of high-expectation start-ups are evaluated.

Summer School organizes Summer Schools offering most of it's services within a two week period.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp starts with Entrepreneurship Education and then moves on into offering all of' services.


Formal Entrepreneurship Education gives you and your team the best foundation to (re-)build an innovative company, avoiding a great number of the pitfalls along the journey.

Create Commitment

The difference between a great team and an exceptional team is their commitment to the cause. This seminar covers methodologies that create that commitment and that exceptional team.

Motivational Theories

Leading Leaders and creating commitment are the first steps to an exceptional team. Keeping that motivation high is what enables teams to turn-around lingering defeat and win the game. This Seminar discusses theories to uphold that motivation.

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Mark Harris
Prof. Dr. Sc. Math. Dr. h.c.

Prof. Dr. Mark Harris is a seasoned executive with over 35 years of experience in the high-tech industry and in entrepreneurship. Prof. Harris retired from Intel to follow his passion in entrepreneurship and in new venture creation. While at Intel, Prof. Harris built Intel’s global Technology Entrepreneurship program together with UC Berkeley California’s Lester Center for Entrepreneurship. During this period Prof. Harris experienced first hand the difficulties, especially in Europe, of building entrepreneurial Eco-Systems. Addressing this area became Prof. Harris’ passion which resulted in founding is a globally active management consulting firm offering consultancy, trainings and seminars on many aspects of innovation.

Prof. Harris holds Master Degrees in Computer Science and Economics from Technical University in Munich. He also holds Adjunct Professorships in Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management at the University in Sofia, the Politehnica University in Bucharest and the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim Germany. He is also an expert for the Executive MBA Program at the Technical University of Munich and is a Senior Fellow at the International Entrepreneurship Academy Intentac. Prof. Harris was also on the executive board of Informatics Europe, is on the Accreditation Council of EQANIE as well as on advisory boards of collaborating or invested companies. Prof. Harris is also General Partner of GFP (Global Faculty Partners) Management Oy (ltd.) Finland. GFP Management Oy is the parent organization to “GFP for Problems worth solving LP”.


We work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements to create a tailored offering for you.